My First Blog

My First Blog


  • Hello everyone, I am a student of engineering from India.
  • Don’t worry, I’ll not give any boring lecture related to my engineering subjects.
  • There will be nothing related to engineering in this blog.
  • I want to tell you that there is nothing extraordinary factor in me.
  • I have to choose this title because there was no other good title available.
  • That’s all what I want to share with you in this introduction section right now.


  • Here, I want to tell one thing that I am the most confused person which I have ever seen in my life.
  • But I am sure about one thing that is I love writing so desperately.
  • Writing in the sense of sharing my thoughts with the world.
  • I just can’t live without writing and this is ultimate truth of my life.
  • This is the only reason why I am blogging.


  • I don’t think that I am an expert of any field, unfortunately.
  • So, I will give my opinion on every possible field.
  • I’ll share my thoughts on the world affairs.
  • I’ll try to cover all the areas of your interests.
  • Here I also want to share with you that I have dream of becoming a writer.
  • So I’ll write about my stories here to get your feedback and important suggestions only if you’ll don’t mind.


  • As you know this is my first blog so it’ll be always memorable for me, but I want to know how is it, so desperately waiting for your response.
  • You can give your feedback about my blog either in the comment box or you can send email, my email id is
  • I know at many places in this I was so boring but this is only because of my inexperience, nervousness and hesitation, but still I have tried my best, I hope you all will like my first blog.
  • In the end, I just want to thank all the people who read this blog, I have only one request to all of you that please give your feedback after reading this.thank you note

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