After writing my first post, I read that again and again and I thought how badly I have introduced myself. I felt what a piece of shit I have written in that post, I am very bad at writing, I can not write and bla bla.

And this negativity made me quit blogging but as I told you I love writing “that’s a different matter that I am not very good at writing.” I stopped blogging but the shit writer inside me was not died. He was in coma for such a long period of time but now he is awake again and I don’t know for how many days.

So now the writer inside me has got up, you must be thinking what made him to get up again and write. So let’s end your curiosity “In case if you were curious.” He got up because someone has inspired him and made him believe that he can improve his writing. All what he needs to improve his writing is to keep writing, reading and thinking.

So too much about the writer inside me so no more about him.

So coming to the main point there are few people who has inspired me, I think you should know about them “If you don’t know already”.

My list starts with one of the most popular writer of present time J.K. Rowling.


I don’t think that I need to tell anything about her because the entire world know about Harrypotter. She is one of the most successful writer of all times but she has also faced a lot failures.

There was time when she was jobless, her marriage was failed and she was as poor as a homeless person can be in modern Britain. She typed her first novel on her own and sent that in many publishing houses in London but all of them rejected her novel.

She has not given up and finally a small publishing house of London published her novel on second consideration not because they liked the book. They published because the daughter of the CEO of that publications was mad for the story and she forced her father to publish this book.

And after publishing, we all know what has this book done. It has been more than 400 million copies of HARRYPOTTER series sold, won multiple awards and turned into one of the most successful movie series.

J. K. Rowling once said, “Failure is a stripping away of inessential.”

Everyone fails but the only one who gets up again and keeps efforts not without worrying of failure achieves all what he or she has ever dreamt of because dreams do come true.

Just don’t give up and believe in yourself.


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